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6 Cute Mugs You Should Get While Quarantined and Working From Home

I love mugs. Like maybe obsessed with it.

And I especially have a lot more interest it in lately because my mornings are filled with days waiting for that coffee to brew and I get to have a few meager minutes to myself before I dive into my emails or calls.

My mornings are not mundane, let me tell you that.  

Sometimes, I find myself savoring the coffee more because of what is happening in the world lately.

Ugh, Covid-19 sucks.

People dying, people losing jobs… it’s rough.

And so that few precious minutes I have to myself are so priceless, I get to appreciate my morning mug partner more.

And so these mug picks in Etsy got me obsessing on starting a mug collection that will help with making my mornings a tad bit joyful.

Oh, yeah baby! This is the mug that spells out my entire career.


The grinds, the hustle. It’s epic y’all.

Imagine having to sip that coffee and drink ‘relentless’ away.

Yes, this is me all day.

Let me tell you, being a working mom with side hustles left and right is not easy.

But, it can be done.

Yup, this is me alright.

I have always been a believer that “haters gonna hate” but if you’re disciplined enough, not only do you get your haters keep hating, but you also prove to yourself that you are deserving.

This could be that promotion or as simple as getting to lead that high-profile project.

This mug just makes me want to drink all the haters away and then spit them out.

Nah, not worth it.

Yes, I love to hustle. If you’ve seen my Instagram profile, you’ll see how much I love the word #hustle.

But, there is wisdom in going slow.

And this mug is that sweet reminder that yes, going slow is worth it.

This is the mug that tells you to sip yesterday’s craziness away. And that you’re stronger more than ever.

And while the past is filled with experience that you would rather not rehash, today is that day you are dreaming of a long time ago.

Revel in that thought. You’ve come a long way.

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Sometimes life can get complicated with work, family, friends and so much more.

But it’s good to be reminded to just keep things simple. Keep your life simple.

This mug is a perfect reminder when life is gets a little tough.

I love quote mugs and these cool mugs are a great start of the day or if you need that extra coffee for an all-nighter.

Keeping positive in this bizarre time of our lives make a lot of difference.

And if it means making that coffee extra special with a cute mug, then by all means, take your pick. 😊

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