Mental Health At Work

This page is a compilation of posts about Mental Health at Work. These are self-help articles that aims to help you get through events at work that affect your mental well being.

Making a professional career for ourselves take a lot of work and as we go through our journey, there will be a lot of challenging times.

Plans not materializing, promotions not happening, work relationships being strained and bad decisions that may have cost impact are just a few things that may happen at work

And if you are hit with this hard, it’s not that easy to just get back on the horse.

So this page is for those moments when you don’t feel like the champion that you are. These are articles will hopefully help you navigate those feelings and eventually get you back on track.  

Please note that these articles are not from mental health professionals.

I’ve gone through ups and downs in my professional career and sometimes it took a while before I was able to bounce back. These are ways that have help me in my 16 years of working.

Hope you find it useful.

Feel free to look around and share away.

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