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Hi, I’m Daisy Casio and welcome to my website!

ChampLeaders is a blog that talks about topics on career advice, professional development, work productivity and motivation for first time managers and new supervisors.

I was once in these roles a long time ago and I remember feeling like I needed to learn EVERY.SINGLE.THING all at once.

I spent hours reading books, attending seminars, browsing through the net and having long talks with my bosses.

I felt overwhelmed.

And felt like I had to go all over the place to find information that is relevant to me as I was starting my journey in becoming a good leader and manager.

This is why I created ChampLeaders.

I wanted to share my learning in Leadership and Management and help you avoid mistakes and mishaps that once upon a time, I did myself.

And find it one place that you can always reference in the future. 

All that I share in this website are based on my own real-life experience of 17 years of being a professional and my journey from being a call center agent to becoming a Director of Operations.

You will find real and honest advice from someone who has learned it the hard way.

If you are a first-time manager or want to be one or just recently taken a supervisor role, this website is for you.

I want to share relevant career advice, so you have more time to work on your opportunities and less time worrying.

This is my attempt to help you lessen the stress of going through a professional change, show you tips and tricks on how to make it easier.

And hopefully inspire you to keep going and strive harder to be a better leader every day.

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Cheers, Champ!

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